Worked up an appetite on the slopes?

La Colombière des Neiges 

If you fancy a break with the dish of the day, a soup or perhaps a homemade pie prepared by a true Chef, this family restaurant is a mere stone’s throw from the Lachat chairlift.
Gourmets will fall for its delicious Burger de la Colombière.
Even if you are not the most avid skier, you can get there by foot and meet up with friends
or even take the kids for a meal, surrounded by sunlit snow.

La Taverne

If you are looking for simplicity and authenticity, this old farmhouse is sure to bring back endearing memories of your childhood. The menu is very simple, from endives with ham to macaroni au gratin or homemade croque-monsieurs with delicious French sourdough bread.
The view of Le Grand-Bornand and La Tournette is as gorgeous as the food.

During the summer months, the same owners will be happy to cater to you in Col des Annes at their second restaurant, La Cheminée. There you can try another of their traditional dishes – Gâteau de Savoie sponge cake, served with blueberries.

Au Repaire (summer only)

Take in the glorious view of the Aravis massif as you savour potato fritters with Tomme Blanche cheese and mixed salad to the soft sound of cowbells.

Planning dinner with friends?

Le chalet Venay

Stop just off the road to Col de la Colombière and relax by the fireplace while you share a fondue or raclette. The atmosphere is as warm as the welcome, and with a bit of luck you may meet a few members of the family of ski champions that run the place!

La Bouillotte

The ideal setting for dinner with friends. Théo takes great pride in foraging for the best penny bun mushrooms in the autumn, so while he may not share his secrets on how to find them, he’ll be happy to prepare them for you! His mushroom stew truly is excellent.

On the hunt for a gourmet restaurant?

Aux Confins des Sens

Gourmet diners, look no further… The foie gras soup here is an absolute delight.
This restaurant is brimming with creativity and uses only the most carefully selected ingredients, making a trip to Le Grand-Bornand all the more worthwhile.

Looking for a gift for yourself or for someone else?

For all your decoration needs, Martine has you covered at  A la folie D …

She sells only the best tableware, furniture and clothes, and you can even sit and sip a coffee on the patio or to get one to go. Well worth a look – she’s always full of bright ideas!

If you’re into hiking, visit Laurent at Go Sport Montagne. He will help you find the right equipment, and you can always take a break to check out their range of clothes with original brands such as Rossignol or Patagonia and many more.

At La Maison Hudry, Kiki and her son Justin are more than happy to serve you a hot drink in the café before guiding you around the shop in search of clothes or accessories to suit your style, whatever your preferred brands.

Thinking about exploring Le Grand-Bornand?

At Intersport, Lionel is your go-to for classic bicycles and electric bikes alike.
He’s easy to recognise: his smile always lights up the room 🙂.
It helps that they also stock an attractive selection of clothes for all price ranges.

A visit to “Chez le Bourrelier is just as essential. Didier is the epitome of passion when it comes to his work. In his workshop, he crafts leather and wood into belts, aprons, wallets and more.
Each piece is unique, as is the man who makes them! He’ll make you feel right at home by the fire, and will never pass up an opportunity to recount the village’s history, as he knows it all off by heart…

And let’s not forget to stock up on Reblochon and Tomme cheese, straight from the farm!

Christian Pernet will gladly walk you through the cheese-making process if you decide to take the stunning stroll up to Les Mouilles. Or, if you’d rather not stray too far from the chalet, pop in and see Anne-Marie just after the chapel in the village.
She even has a selection of ready-made fondues and homemade butter, churned by her brothers.

Can you keep a secret?

If you’re looking to indulge in a meal far from the rest of the world, nestled away in a cabin
surrounded by mountains, before spending a night under the stars in your dormitory or putting
the world to rights over a few glasses of Gentian with friends… Christel and François will be happy to let you in on this secret location, jealously guarded by those in the know.

Planning a visit? Looking for something in particular? In need of advice?

Feel free to come a-knocking on the first floor; Christel and François are always here to help.

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